Gossamer's Ethics

January 21, 2021

Many people are becoming more aware about the health of the Earth and want to use products that do not contribute to pollution and to the over-use of plastic, thus, in 2020, Gossamer Organics was created to bring to you organic, vegan, and sustainable products that work, which you can feel great using whilst contributing to a better Earth.

Research is crucial when it comes to creating any business.
We wanted to make sure that Gossamer Organics is as ethical as possible by using biodegradable packaging and that all of our ingredients come from sustainable sources.

Sustainable Packaging.

Even though plastic is cheap and useful for many things, we know it's not good for us and the planet.

In fact, there have been studies that show micro- and nanoplastics detectable in human tissue.

Our deodorant packaging is a more environmentally friendly alternative and is made of recycled paper.

When you have used up the product, you can simply put the container in your compost or in your recycle bin!

When we first started to formulate an essential oil blend for a product, we used Cedarwood essential oil due to its lovely sweet and woody aroma, but what we soon discovered was that the Cedarwood Tree (Cedrus atlantica) is listed as endangered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List of Threatened Species

No endangered or near-threatened flora are in our formulas.

Since we do not want to contribute to the possible extinction of any species, we will not include wild flora that is endangered or near-threatened in any of our formulas.

Here are some more examples of endangered/threatened species to be aware of:

You will not find any palm oil in our products whatsoever.

Palm oil is a common ingredient in both cosmetic and food products.

It is the leading cause of orangutan extinction and a major cause of climate change.

We can change this together by choosing products that do not contain any palm oil.

Since we use vegan and cruelty-free products, this means that no insect, animal, or any life form has been interfered with or harmed.

We believe that with the increasing awareness of sustainable solutions, we can all contribute to a new Earth that protects and respects our ecosystems and the human body.

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