New Earth Herbal's Story

Michelle and Artem Our Story New Earth Herbal

We believe we can make a difference .

The world's overconsumption of plastic is alarming and concerning. As consumers, we need solutions and we need companies to start placing their products in sustainable packaging. We believe that each one of us can make a difference.

Michelle and Artem's way of living is to be as natural and organic as possible, and when it came to needing products, most of them are in plastic packaging, which to say the least, is frustrating. 
Most deodorants come in plastic and have sodium bicarbonate as their active formula which is often too harsh for sensitive skin. Michelle and Artem also wanted different, unique aromas that would last all day.

They decided to create their own formula after being inspired during the first year of a medical herbology course. Michelle and Artem spent many hours researching and testing formulas in their tiny kitchen in Spain until they came to the ideal formula that worked great, had lovely texture, smelled amazing,  and was suitable enough to be in a plastic-free container.

Michelle studied Reiki, reflexology and systematic kinesiology in London and has worked at different retreats and out of a health centre,  so the opportunity to work together with Artem on a project that people would love, help regenerate and clean the Earth is a dream come true. 

We're on a mission to be part of humanity's shift moving from plastic to more sustainable consumption and we would love for you to be a part of it. Together, we can achieve a New Earth.
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